The End Result is all that matters….

GURUKULAM-The Shloka School is no longer a new name to Bangaloreans or any city for that matter….We just did’nt get featured in Baby Chakra, Wellness Chakra and Hooha(Thats the start up I work for and the boss was kind enough to feature us…..LOL)- Yeah all Mumbai based company’s…

Yeah people are reading about us across the globe …I do have enquiries from USA and Indonesia and people are already in queque for skype lessons(Comeon I sure can take pride in what I say/do because my work speaks for itself – Attitude and Confidence are two of my star qualities)

Ok, lets get to the point : I run many batches across Bangalore -There are batches as small as 3 kids and a few as large as 12 kids….I just begin to realise after one long year (remember we just celebrated our 1st Anniversary on 20th Oct 2015) that no matter how large the size of the batch is…..after a few months the size of the batch just tends to fall to a smaller number …..

REASON: Kids have too much learning/homework to do and If I ask them to learn the RESULT is a DROP-OUT from the class…nevertheless that does not stop me from making them learn….and hence the number which was close to 65 has dropped to nearly 50 and I need to make a clear MENTION here that …..these 50 kids show so much interest to learn and you will have to see this to believe it …I MEAN every word I say…They are simply FANTASTIC….. I am proud of all my little rockstars.

Therefore I personally believe that the increase /decrease in the no.of students in GURUKULAM really does’nt matter…but I believe in keeping up GOOD WORK and ensure kids come back to class LEARNING WHAT IS TAUGHT – THE RESULT IS ALL THAT MATTERS….And at GURUKULAM there are no choices -The kids have to learn!

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