Lessons from the Gita

Lessons from the Gita

Lessons from the Gita

By: Ahana Raghavan, 14 years

For: Gurukulam – The Online Shloka Learning Centre

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  1. Fight your fears.

Lord Krishna states that the biggest fear one can have is death. Once this fear is removed, an individual can live a stress-free life. Living a stress-free life is best as you will not suffer from health issues and you will be happy.

  1. Do not think about the results, just focus on your actions.

We often overthink and worry about whether or not our work will pay off. Fearing the results, we are not able to act properly. Let’s say one is studying for a test. If they are afraid of failing, it will impact how they prepare. This changes the whole sequence of events.

  1. Responsibility should not be something you shy away from.

No matter what, you are bound by your responsibilities and you cannot run away from them. Being duty-bound is not what makes us good people, actually carrying out these actions we are responsible for is what defines who we are and sets the precedent for posterity.

  1. Whatever takes place is taking place for the right reasons.

One might be scared of the events taking place, worried that bad things just keep coming their way. However, everything happens for a reason, so one should pick themself up and keep moving forward. Striving for the best outcomes oftentimes leads to reaching the very best outcomes.

  1. You come to this earth empty-handed and leave it empty-handed.

You are born and come to this earth with no materialistic possessions and nothing in hand. Then, you live your life with many things, but when you die, you leave the earth empty-handed as well. Birth and death are too similar and this is one piece of evidence justifying that.

  1. Anger and greed can destroy your life.

Losing friendships, becoming restless, and being jealous are merely a few consequences of feeling a lot of anger and greed. It can lead to stress which has multiple health implications (such as high blood pressure). Instead of turning into a green-eyed monster, think about everything you have and be grateful.

  1. Self-control is crucial.

Controlling yourself instead of letting your emotions, desires, etc. control you is the best way to live life.

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Resisting temptation is important in certain scenarios, but so is giving in at times. Knowing when and how to control yourself and your urges is imperative.


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