Why is Lord Brahma not Worshipped

Why is Lord Brahma not Worshipped



Many years ago, a group of three were created – they were named the Trinity. In this group the members were Shiva God of destruction, Brahma God of creation and Vishnu God of preservation. Soon they ended up trying to find out who was the most supreme amongst them.
One day Shiva intervened in a tussle with Vishnu and Brahma by making the Jyotirlinga [A representation of Shiva] and declared that the one who would reach the end first would be known as the most supreme. Vishnu admitted that there was no end but Brahma lied with the help of the flower Ketaki as a witness. Fortunately, Shiva being the creator of the Jyotirlinga knew that it had no end and to punish Brahma he cut of his fifth head and cursed that he would be worshipped rarely.


In the Saraswathi Purana it says that Brahma created Saraswathi but when she was bought to life Brahma couldn’t overcome her mesmerizing beauty, due to this she had to flee from him every time he saw her. Soon she went to Vishnu to tell her problems. Vishnu said that because she was the Goddess of knowledge lot of people would be attracted by her looks and those wanted more intelligence were likely to follow her a lot. Not finding a solution Saraswathi cursed Brahma to be worshipped less and to be virtually forgotten by many people.

  Vamika Ramamoorthy

  9 years