What People Say

Divya… A best teacher ..She is truly spirited and passionate on what she delivers. She is a great inspiration to my Daughter who is her student… She teaches the Slokas in a way the kids can grasp well and it becomes part of their daily life… After taking up this class , I have found a huge difference in my daughter’s memory and analytical skill as well. A class to connect back to our roots. HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Sloka class to everyone.

~Mrs Vighna S,Bangalore

Gurukulam has a major role in sculpting my child’s spiritual facet through shlokas. Divya exhibits a lot of love and patience while teaching her. Thanks for that Divya.

~Mrs.Sireesha Rao,UK

The one on one online sessions are the perfect part of the process of learning
The way mam handles kids is more pleasant encouraging and of course divine

~Mrs Gayathri Venkatachalam,Bangalore

This is a very unique and enriching learning centre that I came across when I was looking for shloka reciting learning centres. An online one-to-one Shloka Learning Centre caught my eye and I’m so grateful I found it. Divya is a superb teacher, guide, motivator and a friend to my 4 year old. My daughter absolutely adores her and looks forward to her classes. Focus on teaching not just shlokas, but their meaning and their importance is something even I look forward to learn from Divya. Thank you Divya for your patience and your dedication to this beautiful cause. Wish you a continued success!

~Mrs Prakruthi Urala, Bangalore

Absolutely wonderful if you are keen to learn Shlokas…. I am happy that I found it and the program worked so well with my little one.

Program unique on its own… thanks Divya …. appreciate your efforts and patience in teaching the little ones with pronunciation and meaning of each line of shloka.

~Mrs Shweta Bhargava,Bangalore

Training a small kid in person itself is a difficult task but Divya is a prime example for the saying “Nothing is impossible”.She is getting the work done effortlessly. She encourage the kids with appreciation which enables them to do better than last time. Training classes were held on agreed time and even when the classes were cancelled she always informed us well in advance. I am very happy & proud to have her as my son’s guru

~Mrs. Ambuja Bharani,Bangalore

I am very happy with gurukulam which provides exposure of shlokas to kids around the world … I am very happy my son being a part of it … he is enjoying learning and understanding shlokas and mythological characters …very thankful to Divya to provide such a opportunity … you r doing a great job …. please keep going and help keep our classical language alive 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

~Mrs Chaitra Shree, Bangalore

Gurukulam by Divyaa, one of the best initiative and brain child of Divyaa to spread the knowlege of recitation of Shlokas along with meaning explained in simple words. Online classes with individual attention to learn such knowledge is highest privilige. My Daughter 4 years old thoroughly enjoys every session. Thank you Gurukulam for this noble initiative.

~Mrs Swati Shekar, Bangalore

Gurukulam is excellent. Divyaa is the best guru for my son. Thank you Divyaa. You are doing a great service to the society as well as for the future generations.

Such a patient and nice guru.

~Mrs Usha Karthik,USA

This is a great concept…in addition to introducing children to the advantages of discipline it will also improve their concentration abilities..wish you the very best

~Sr. Advocate N.L.Rajah, Chennai

Gurukulam – an online shloka learning centre, happy to have such a sweet understanding teacher, she explains the meanings with the shlokas so that it’s very easy for children to understand .. I am very happy to share that my son is part of this little beginning

~Mrs. Ashika Abhishek,Bangalore

Divyaa teaches children in an engaging fashion. Relates Slokas to their significance. And her diction is fantastic. Gurukulam – The Shloka Learning Centre is a boon to our generation.

~Mr. Sriram Raghavan, USA

So much respect for this amazing initiative. Making a huge difference. Changing the world one chant at a time, by one child at a time. Contributing phenomenally to creating positive energies in our spaces. Child + Chant = Contribution + Change therefore. Kudos to Divya D am so honored to know her.

Mr.Natarajan Lalgudi,Bangalore

A great initiative to keep Guru-shishya parampara alive by teaching the wonderful shlokas from the Vedas, epic, literature and archery. Chanting and reciting of shlokas brings holistic development of child brain, Mind and soul. They are the mantras which helps us to vibrate at higher frequency.

Divyaa you are doing a great service to the society as well as for the upcoming generations. Keep up the good work. May god bless you .

~ Mr Gautham Azad – Numerologist, Bangalore

Swami Vivekananda empahsized the importance of education more than any other modern sage!

Swami Nikhilananda in his translation of Chandogya Upanishad says, “Hope is greater than memory. Kindled by hope, memory reads the hyms, performs sacrifies, desires sons and cattle, desire thi world and the other. Meditate on hope!”

Ms. Divya has embarked upon a noble journey to bring hope and education together which is a pathway to achieve greater truth in socio-cultural perspective. This is not the change – but this is just the beginning and what better than showing the right path to the kids who are the future of tomorrow’s world!

I recommend this effort of Gurukulam – The Shloka Learning Centre without any second thought!

~Mr Ashwin Balaji, Chennai

I highly recommend this class for the kids. they pickup easily at young age .Divya is a excellent teacher, makes kids to enjoy the class.

~Mrs Vimala Alagu, Bangalore

A great initiative to keep the traditional roots in place and keep our children abreast of our cultural traditions. Looking at the global interest of people to be a part of these classes speaks volume about the quality of your work and its need in today’s time. Keep up the good work Divya D

~Mr.Syed Muksit

Gurukulum is excellent. Divya is really a nice and patient teacher. My son loves the classes. He is learning very nicely. Highly recommended.

~Mrs Ashima Riana, USA

My son started learning with Divya three months ago and we are blessed to have such an enthusiastic, involved and loving teacher like Divya. He enjoys the few minutes he talks to her and she has inculcated an interest in him to learn and grasp shlokas all the time 😀🙏

~Mrs Nandini Vyshak Gupta, Bangalore

Strongly recommended for learning our ancient shlokas which have a powerful influence on our wellbeing.

~Mr Mohit Jain, Bangalore

very good experience ….thanks to Divya Mam …my kid is learning very interestingly

~Mrs Roopa Kishore, Bangalore

The classes are very good and effective
Divya is superb teacher she is very friendly and very good at her work … Divya is patience and she make sure kid learns perfect pronunciation….. and I am happy my Son learning and being aware of our Hindu culture 🙏🏻🙏🏻😊😃

~Mrs Bhuvaneshwari Jagadish, Bangalore

Gurukulam – A divine experience. Guru is very knowledgeable and patient in handling the kid. Classes are very interactive in a way that ensures the kid is not only learning slokas, but also becoming more communicative. She keeps her lessons effective, engaging and fun. Kids being imparted with the knowledge of slokas along with the meaning is really appreciated!

~Mr. Srikanth Sridharan, Chennai

Truly Amazing ! Divya is just fantastic with the kids 🙏What cannot be taught at any school . Truly pleased and ever grateful to Divya ! Way to go Gurukulam ! It’s surely gonna go Global cos it’s one of a kind .

~Mrs Pooja Bhisham,Bangalore

Divya works wonderfully with the kids and this one of a kind school has been able to instill in my son the kind of knowledge that I could never impart by myself at home. It’s so blissful to see my son chanting shlokas and all thanks to Divya for this greatventure and her efforts…

~Mrs. Kiruthika Karthikeyan, Bangalore

Divya showed up right path in teaching Slokas to my daughter. Thanks a ton and keep up the good work

~Mrs Leela Agastyaraju, Bangalore

The only class which my son loves the most! You are a fantastic teacher Divya… Feeling happy and blessed when I hear his recitation! Only You can do it Divya.. waiting for my little one to reach 4 yrs.. all the very best!���

~Mrs Deepalakshmi Ashokkumar, Bangalore

Best thing that happened to my child is that she is able to recite the Shlokha on her own. Keep up the good work Divya

~Mrs Lakshmi Shanmugam, Bangalore

My Experience with Gurukulam has been fantastic so far and I think the success of most kids enrolled here is mainly because of Divya’s commitment. My daughter being completely new to Sholkas has picked this up so well and looks forward to each of her classes with the same enthusiasm. Thanks a ton, Divya and wishing you the very best for this venture!!

Mrs Shreya Shetty

Divya is the best guru for my daughter and i am also learning in the process.. we have just made a small beginning but am sure the journey is going to be great.. Thank u.

Mrs Veena Perneti

Gurukulam – The Shloka Learning Centre is one of the best Learning centres that one can enrol their children to at a young age. Its been around 10 classes as on date and I already see Avni doing so so well in learning Shlokas.
Divyaa is a Sholka Magician and a great facilitator. In her one on one classes, she makes sure that each child gets individual attention and can make the best of the class. She is so lively and since the Sholkas are in Sanskrit she makes sure she makes the child learn the correct pronunciation and diction. The best part it’s ONLINE, so the child learns this divine subject in the comforts of their home.
As a progressive generation, we tend to forget the richness that Indian culture can offer. With Divyaa realising this is making sure that the younger generation is forward-thinking yet understands the richness that we have back home.
The knowledge of Shlokas is a lifestyle. Divyaa, Thank You. We need humans like you who keep us connected to the roots with the knowledge that you give from Sholkas to all the lil ones. My child is BLESSED. Thank u again.

Mrs. Ritu Mittal

Great to see all the kids !Thank you Divya garu for teaching kids and teaching the importance of our culture. It’s a great endeavor and we are proud to be a part of this beautiful journey. Thank you for all you do!

Mrs Sandhya Shashidhar

We feel so lucky to have found this learning centre for our kid. Initially I was skeptical if my little one would be able to learn shloka but still wanted to give it a try..But I am so happy that we enrolled for the learning..Divya ma’am is an amazing teacher..She completely understands her student’s moods,gives them individual attention and works with them at their pace ..And the students don’t just learn the shloka but are taught their meaning too..
Kudos to the teacher’s efforts for keeping up our traditional and cultural values alive in today’s tech savvy world.

Mrs Sneha Nair ,Chennai

Gurukulam is an innovative idea from Miss Divyaa. She makes it absolutely easy for the child to pronounce and learn, her kindness and warmth is what makes the child look forward for every class. A great platform for kids to learn.

Mrs Chaithra Srinivas, Bangalore

I would like to express my gratitude to Divyaa in memory of her wonderful session on chanting for children at my apartment kids club on 2nd Feb 2020. Now 2 years have passed but the impact and impressions are still shining through like gold on sand. Her connect with children at their level is absolutely stunning. Wishes for continued success and Ishvara’s blessings on Gurukulam work
Pictures from her session can be found in this link:

Mr Venkataraman LN, Bangalore

Gurukulam is a great platform for a child to learn about our values, traditions and most importantly it helps in many areas of overall development of a child. Motor skills such as clear pronunciation, good listening skills, improved memory and reading skills also improves significantly. I am happy Harshita met her Divya ma’am just at the right age. Thank you, blessed to be part of the Shloka learning school!

Mrs Aparna Iyer, Delhi

Divya is a wonderful, high spirited teacher, who gives her 100% to her kids, My kids Sasha and Issha love their classes , She is super interactive, extremely friendly and at the same time does not pressurize the kids , she is very flexible with her schedule which makes it so convenient for us ,She is really good in her subject, she not only teaches sholkas but also teaches them the basics of our Hindu gods , She appreciates every little gesture done by the kids, hence motivating kids to perform better , she takes extra effort and encourages the kids creativity by indulging them in drawing events , kudos Divya , great job.

Sathya Neela Reddy, Bangalore

Divya is fantastic with her work and kids love her

Mr Riitesh Panndya, Bangalore

I was looking for an online Shloka class for my 4 yr old in June 2022.I am all happy that i found a Best Shloka Class & Teacher. It’s none other than Divya Mam. Gurukulam has a curriculum & material for learning shloka. It is based on age as well. Infact I am learning shlokas with my lil one.The classes are very well conducted by Divya mam. She is A very friendly, Enthusiastic Teacher. God/Perumal give you more power to teach many more students in the future..
Thank you 🙏

Mrs Archana Arvind, Bangalore

My daughters Tanishaa and Trisha are part of Gurukulam from past 6 months ..
At first when they saw the curriculum they felt it’s difficult..but Divya made it very simpler and taught them at ease .Now my kids are eagerly waiting for their next sessions every time and wenever they listen to those chants they repeat it with pride..Awesome Divya..Way to go….

Mrs Gopika Gopi

The only genuine & fruitful Shloka school we know till now..The Founder Divya D ji is a magical hardworking woman who has devoted her life to keep alive the traditions of our country through her super Gurukulam school.

Mrs Rashi Khanna

Madhav had learnt many Slokas in short span of time effortlessly. Thanks a lot Gurukulam for helping Madhav learn Slokas. Special thanks to the teacher Divya mam for the fentastic teaching.

Mr Suresh Kandasamy

I would like to express my gratitude to Divyaa in memory of her wonderful session on chanting for children at my apartment kids club on 2nd Feb 2020. Now 2 years have passed but the impact and impressions are still shining through like gold on sand. Her connect with children at their level is absolutely stunning. Wishes for continued success and Ishvara’s blessings on Gurukulam work 🙏
Pictures from her session can be found in this link:

Venkataraman LN

Gurukulam – The Shloka Learning Centre is one of the best Learning centres that one can enrol their children to at a young age. Divya Ma’am is a Sholka Magician and very friendliest teacher. In her one on one classes, she makes sure that each child gets individual attention and can make the best of the class. She is so lively and since the Sholkas are in Sanskrit she makes sure she makes the child learn the correct pronunciation.
Thanks you so much ma’am. We love you 😘

Mrs Yashaswini Reddy

Gurukulam has a very positive impact on kids. Having a grip on reciting Vishnu sahasranamam and others Sholkas would improve good communication and problem solving skills.

Dr Murali Mohan Nandula

Divya is reviving the forgotten culture of reciting shlokas.She has wealth of knowledge on shlokas and Hindu deities and culture.
I recommend her to all shloka enthusiasts. I wish her success in this endeavor.

Mrs Preetha Gowda

We are very happy that we found Gurukulam through online recommendations, while looking for online shloka classes for our 4.5yr old.
Divya ma’am explains every shloka in a very kid friendly way and makes it interactive and interesting for the kid. A lot of importance is given to the pronunciation and we are impressed. Would highly recommend Gurukulam for all enthusiastic kids! A great opportunity for the parents to also learn alongside:)

Mrs Anusha Sekar

My kid is blessed to be a part of Gurukulam.

Last two months he have learned so much which has helped him grow spiritually and understand our culture better. Special thanks to Divya as a guru as she explain each and every shloka so well that it makes our kids not only learn but understand the meaning of it as well…🙏😄

Mrs Sapna Shetty

You truly have accomplished the impossible Divya!You are giving these kids a sense of identity and have helped them to connect with their culture.My little girl has benefited so much from your classes.She has learnt to respect our heritage and also takes active part in the festivals these days.And another added advantage of your shloka classes is that her reading skills have jumped,she is able to read big and complicated words with ease.I know my daughter will still clutch on to her Barbies and prefer a frock to a pavadai but I know that she will always appreciate and take pride in her culture .

Mrs Dheeraja, Bangalore

You are truly a Rock start Divyaa..Dhriti looks forward to the class every week with soo much excitement. Thank you for inculcating all the good values in my daughter through Shlokas. No amount of money can buy such learning. And I am lucky as well, getting to learn a lot as I revise with her through the week… Amazing concept….Mobile Shloka school.!! May God Bless you with all good things in life.

Mrs Namitha, Bangalore

Divya has been an excellent teacher to my daughter. Very patient, meticulous and knows her way with children to get it done. My daughter loves the way Divya teaches and always looks forward to her class. Lot of hard work from Divya’s side makes it easier for my daughter to learn shlokas. Thank you Divya.

Mrs Renuka Desai, Mumbai

I have been associated with Gurukulam for close to 2 years now. Both my kids are students of Divya. Her commitment and the individual attention to each kid is something worth a million praises.
I definitely recommend Gurukulam. The pronunciations of even the toughest slokas are broken down and made easy for kids.

Mrs Niraimathi Sadanandan, Bangalore

The best class I feel I have enrolled my kid in is certainly Gurukulam. Divya mam is an exceptional Shloka teacher.
This not only makes the child learn the shlokas but enhances the child’s curiosity to understand in detail about the God. Divya mam’s curriculum has a wide range of Shlokas covering all Gods and the best part is she gives a heads-up about that God. My son now observes every single detail when he looks at a God’s picture & correlates it with the Shlokas he chants. 
She breaks down the complex Shlokas into understandable parts making it easier for small kids to grasp.
Reciting shlokas has made my son more composed and he does not react to any situation now rather he responds in the calm manner. Also my son enjoys the class so much that he practises the Shokas learnt in class throught the week and makes it a practice to recite it everyday!
This is a great way to have our tradition preserved and I wish Divya mam all success in this wonderful profession🙂

Mrs Iswaryaa Nirmal, Mumbai

Divya is an excellent shloka teacher,the way she teaches and explain meaning of each shloka is really an amazing work.we are really lucky to have her as teacher..her way of curriculum based teaching is really helping my child lot,I’m so satisfied that I have choosed best learning for my kid.
If any one looking for best shloka teacher I strongly recommend Gurukulam online teaching platform.

Mrs Vidhya Mohan, Bangalore

Divya is an amazing teacher❤️. Her discipline and method of learning helped my daughter to learn shloka. But the structure she teaches also helped her in regular school studies.
She encourages the student to work hard and patiently teaches them again till she understand it.
I am thankful to the Universe for connecting us with Divya.

Mrs Sarika Agrawal, Canada

A perfect platform for our kids to learn shlokas and expertise, which improves thier way of life in many directions.. Divya, a very talented tutor doing a great job in helping our kids to like learning the shlokas and understand as well..A big thanks to the whole team 🙂

Mrs Kavya Shree, Bangalore