Vedic Gods



As per Hinduism – Indra, Surya, Varuna, Agni and Vayu are called The Vedic Gods.


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Indra is referred to as the King of Gods, Devas(God like Deities) and Svarga(Heaven) in Hinduism. He is the chief deity in Rig Veda and the most important deity of the sky – basically associated with lightening, thunder, weather, storms, rains and war. He is known to travel everywhere, armed with the thunderbolt (Vajrayudha) and rides on a chariot.

Indra is generally depicted in a human form with 4 arms riding The Celestial Elephant –Airavata. Indra is a very powerful hero – he being a war lord and hence warriors worship him before going to the battlefield.



Surya or The Sun God is another very important Vedic Deity. Aditya, Ravi and Bhaskara are his other names.

Surya is known to give light to the entire universe. He is often described as being dark red in colour sitting on a red lotus and riding on a beautiful chariot drawn by 7 horses    ( representing the 7 days of the week ).

The Vedas assert Surya to be the Creator of The Material Universe (Prakriti)

As per The Ramayana’s Yuddha Kanda ,Lord Rama was taught the AdityaHrudhayam Stotram before his war against the Demon Ravana. This Stotram was composed in praise of  Surya Bhagavan who is described as the embodiment of all Gods and The Origin of Everything in this Universe.



Varuna – “ The One who encompasses the World”  is one of the oldest Vedic Deities. Varuna is associated with The Sky, The Oceans and Water.

Hindu Texts refer to him as Dikpalaka (The Guardian) of The Western Direction. He is depicted as a young man mounted on a makara (crocodile) and holding a pasha (noose)and a pitcher in his hands. He has multiple wives and fathered many kids including The Vedic Sage – Vasistha. He has 1000 eyes and oversees the whole world.

In Yajurveda it is said- In fact Varuna is Vishnu and Vishnu is Varuna and hence the auspicious offering is to be made to these deities.



The Vedic Fire Deity of Hinduism is Agni. He is also called The Guardian Deity of The SouthEast Direction and is typically found in The SouthEast Corner of Hindu Temples.

Most Hymns in Hinduism are devoted to Lord Agni . He is often considered to be the Supreme God – The Creator, The Sustainer and All Pervading Universal Spirit. He manifests in the form of Fire, Lightening and Air on Earth.

Images in temples represent Agni as an old man with a red body. He is attended on either side by his consorts  Svaha and Svadha. The Smoke is his banner and The Ram is his vehicle.

Agni is the life giving energy and is known to destroy ignorance and all delusions. Heat, Combustion and Energy is the realm of Agni which symbolises the transformation of gross to the subtle.



In Rig Veda Vayu is associated with The Wind. As the Lord of The Sky he shares his power with Indra.

The Hymns describe Vayu as having “exceptional beauty” and moving noisily in his shining coach driven by 2 or 49 or 1000 white and purple horses. A White Banner is his main attribute. Like other atmospheric deities he is a fighter and destroyer – powerful and heroic.

Mythology describes Vayu as Blue in Color, holding a fan and flag in two hands and the two other hands showing The Abhaya and Varada Mudra.



Article by – Divyaa Doraiswamy