Mr. Suresh Ramakrishnan

Mr. Suresh Ramakrishnan
Guest Contributor – Enlightening Young Minds through Management Lessons

I was an avid sportsman (a basketball player) much before I Decided to enter the field of engineering and management. I am a salesman at heart.  Though I have been at the helm of three companies over thee last 18 years, I have loved travelling to meet clients looking out for the next sale.

The firm belief is that much of management practice happens when you are exposed to several scenarios, hurdles and tough situations. Making quick decisions and thinking on my feet have helped me sail through several difficult twists and turns. The large quantum of lessons I have learned thus far can be translated into simple life lessons that can be imbibed by both young and old, and that is what I am out to do at Gurukulam. I will be writing articles that spell out situations that I would have experienced or heard of and some possible ways to overcome them, just the way I did.

I am an ardent music lover – Love singing, especially old Hindi songs belonging to the golden era. I can binge-watch movies and web series.

Love the guitar (though I play it mostly for myself). Voracious reader and love travel (never leave an opportunity to go to a forest or the hills).

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