The Value of Being on Time

The Value of Being on Time

Ever realised why our parents and teachers keep impressing upon us the value of being on time. The play schools start at a particular time, the school bus arrives sharp on time, we must assemble for our school prayers at a designated time, the timetable is sacrosanct, we love the ring of the bell before recess and the one that signals that we can leave for home. Everything is time bound. Why is this drilled into our heads from such an early age?

Well, this is one habit that defines a successful professional. The local and metro trains follow a schedule, even a minute’s delay has a domino effect on all the trains that are to follow. The newsroom in a television station needs things to go on air at a particular time without even a second’s delay – the entire team works towards that deadline. When you have connecting flights, and the first flightis delayed the anxiety levels leads to all kinds of reactions (I am sure you have experienced this at least once) as it threatens the chances of you making it on time to the next one.

It is widely reported in several prominent journals that the delay in decision making among leaders across corporations and government organisations alike leads to 10-25% loss in revenue each passing year. Need I say more?

So, if you want to be successful in life, the first mantra you learn is – be on time, now and always.

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