The Importance of Learning to Write Well

One of the toughest parts during my school days was essay writing and long format answers too. I tried various experiments to write; trying to make it short and crisp and sometimes adding more information (an overload). I received average scores all along. I wondered during those times – what was I missing? What did these elements of school teaching indicate?

The journey through my corporate life taught me how to tell the right stories – a career through sales helps you draft the correct narrative. One that understands the problem and structures an answer that fits in well. Took much trial and error with hundreds of pitches to understand what a right pitch should look like. This translated into writing mails, product pitches, proposal documents and answering customer objections.

The essay and long format writing helps you gather the right information and align the answers to address the issue or question in hand. Hence, take pains to polish essay writing, it differentiates you among many others in your peer group.

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