Life is a whole lot of challenges for each one of us…but so what?

You can’t run away from issues. If God’s posed you with a problem he sure gives you the strength to beat the problem as well….I know how hard the waiting period can be and one fine day when we keep worrying about what worries us the most, that worry seems to be gone when you least expected it….Such is life!

After a whole lot of mistakes in life…should I call them blunders, I still managed to pick myself up with the help of so many wonderful people  – My family, my friends and everyone who’s been with me in the last 13 years ….The one and only word I can think of is “GRATITUDE”  today and always!

I seriously have no idea how GURUKULAM was born in the most trying times and how I managed to keep it going………  I really call it the POWER of the SUPREME HIGH.

Today after many many many years I have come to believe and conclude that GOD has a huge role in all our lives…. we just have to find it or recognise it and stay ahead. No matter how huge our problem is GOD will prove to us that THERE IS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. Having said this I am not done with all my problems….they still linger, but today I am a stronger person,kinder person and a wiser person courtesy the one and only GOD!

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