Expect the Unexpected….Fret Not!

Till about 34 years I saw my own self as a big failure on very many fronts…..My personal life a disaster in every possible way, a desire to get to the USA to acquire a PHD in Economics still remains a dream, a job that I did’nt like (I love being my own BOSS -so the very fact of working under someone can make you feel miserable) ….I’m sure people reading this would feel ….Oops what kind of a life is this -Such a FAILURE this woman.

It took me 15 long years to figure out what I like and want to do with my life -Be with KIDS, yeah you heard it right BE WITH KIDS AND HELP THEM BE BETTER HUMAN BEINGS by contributing in my own small way….This was something I least expected about life and you will not even imagine what a HIT/SUCCESS I am with not just kids but what I do as well – GURUKULAM was born -making me a successful SHLOKAPRENEUR 🙂

Life’s challenges are a plenty, comes in different forms making one feel like a FAILURE or even GIVE UP…thats when the unexpected happens….So Never ever fret, Life has only the best to offer!

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