The decade that’s gone by (2010-2019) …What a crazy one its been but like appa-amma say ” Diva the way you’ve bounced back is phenomenal ” and like Ahan says ” Shlokapreneur Div’s Chitti we are so proud of you”..

Divorce, Depression/Anxiety in its worst form, Birth of GURUKULAM and the many many small milestones associated with it, My possession- A Swank Villa and definitely in a state of contentment today (Wow and I managed each one of them with so much strength and fighting spirit – I have to give it to God, my family, my doc and my super super buddys(you know who you are guys)

Life sure has come a long long way from the very terrible times to better days and the one thing I’d like to share is that there definitely is light at the end of the tunnel (I’ve felt I wouldn’t see it at all…and I am seeing it today, so HOPE is something we all need to hold on to because my learning is you never never never know when things start looking up…and I’m glad its looking up after 15 lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng years….

Hope 2020 brings in loads of happiness, great health and everything that we all wish for <3

(The first pic is from 2010 and the second one from 2019 -the one constant is I tried keeping that SMILE right through no matter what…Keep SMILING and Keep SHINING is my way to living)

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