My Profile…..The beginning to a successful journey!

When asked to write about myself and my interest in this field…this is what exactly came into my mind…..

My Profile:

A Masters in Economics, an avid blogger, a singer, and a great communicator…My past situations have just got me closer to God and that’s where all my knowledge in shlokas and chanting comes from!

Every vibration has a corresponding sound and everything in the universe has a vibration and thus a sound -That’s what I call the Power of Chanting…Besides filling up our minds with positive vibrations and thoughts, Shloka or mantra chanting also serves to remind us of helpful philosophy at difficult times. The purport of a Shloka can dawn on us as a realization by the mercy of the Lord during difficult moments…for me personally, I was put to chanting at the most difficult hours of my life…The many difficulties I saw on my health front and my personal life as young as the age of 10…

Coming from a Tam-Bram family, shloka chanting is a part of our daily life and my amma was the one who exposed me to most of the chanting… and eventually, a lot of shlokas and bhajans learned from books…..She being a THEIST in every right made sure we kids learned a lot of shlokas, prayed in front of God daily and celebrated every festival grandly…

The need of Shloka Chanting


The advent of the Internet has produced kids who are unable to relate to their own culture thus resulting in identity crisis…

So how does chanting help:

1). Chanting brings in concentration.

2). Reduces violence and anger among children

3). It creates values among children – i.e prayer for peace and healing for all beings

Remember, prayer time should be a period of joy, devotion, and piety and never boredom or force.

Yoga practitioners & Community:

Chanting shlokas or mantras purifies the mind and is an excellent yoga tool. As with all yoga practice, believe nothing, just do the practice and decide on the basis of your own experience.

I read that…In Satyananda Yoga ashrams and centers all over the world, the tradition of chanting the Mahamrityunjaya mantra for the relief of suffering is maintained on a weekly or monthly basis. Each session begins with the remembrance of particular individuals who are known to be sick or suffering.

Chant ..chant, and chant more…Bliss is what we will live in- Namaste!

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