MOBILE SHLOKA SCHOOL – First of its kind?

I’m sure there are a lot of people teaching shlokas…but a MOBILE SHLOKA SCHOOL – heard that before, no right…Thats GURUKULAM for you!

Yeah its the first of its kind…..The reason this school is mobile is it makes reaching out to a larger crowd in the city possible…..Here I travel and make sure my little kids are taught in the most comfortable premises…..And when its girl children I take that extra effort in seeing that they don’t travel at all……Comeon we don’t seem to live in a safe city any longer and safety and comfort stand top class priority for me…..

Ofcourse GURUKULAM has its permanent address in the outskirts of the city, so its not just mobile….it is also mobile:)…..but I have kept TEACHING there for the later part of the year…Right now my focus is on mobile classes be it in apartments, studios, one-on-one classes and Summer Camps!

But I’m sure curious to know if there is a MOBILE SHLOKA SCHOOL in Bangalore at this point in time…..Let me know

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