A lot of hard work, crazy work schedule, different time zones and my munchkins handling the ONLINE SESSIONS during COVID 19 like a pro…KUDOS my BABIES!

A good wrap-up to the financial year 2020-2021…


Thanks to everyone who’s made this year fun working despite the COVID 19 Pandemic hitting each one of us so so hard especially our little ones (Handling everything online – no school, no meeting friends/cousins, no playtime, everything just purely virtual)


So Grateful to the TEAM that helps GURUKULAM function – My Website Designer, My Chartered Accountant, My Printers.

Thank You, everyone…

Parents you all have been such a huge powerhouse of strength for believing in me and helping GURUKULAM grow…Thank You and Taking A Bow (Ever so understanding and supportive)

My babies have done amazingly well during this period as well…


Big Thank You to SOCHCAST for making me a part of their team:)


Huge thanks to Family and God without whom I would think functioning would be impossible:)

Thanks You!!!








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