Last week my 11-year-old daughter suddenly expressed her interest in baking cupcakes. That is when I asked her “What is the most important thing to get right in baking”? Well, she said the ingredients which is partially correct but after you have all ingredients the most important thing is the measurement of the ingredients. And the answer brought us back to mathematics. Still wondering if that’s the correct answer, ask your trusted friend ‘GOOGLE’.

Measurements is a very basic and important concept of mathematics which helps in our day-to-day chores as well as used in complex scientific experiments & inventions. How much of these concepts we use would depend on the nature of our work. Taking a simple example of our home kitchens, if we understand measurement and conversion of units, we can adapt recipes to cater to fewer or more people, reducing waste and maximizing efficiency at the same time. Precise measurement of the ingredients would also impact the flavour and texture of the food. So, all the moms and grandmoms who cook tasty food with zero wastage for the family are great mathematicians.

It teaches us what are the units of different quantities like weight, volume, length(distance), speed, temperature, time, etc. and the conversion from bigger units to smaller units and vice versa. It gives us a sense that all distances, weights and volumes cannot be measured with just one system of units. For example, weight of vegetables we buy at home is in kilograms or grams but the wholesale vendor would buy the same vegetables measuring in quintals. Measurement of temperature is very important for weather forecasts or even global warming.

So, next time you are doing any task just notice which measurement quantity you are using and you would find yourself using one!!!(As its all around us).

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