Laughter is an integral part of my class…..

I realise that kids are more stressed than we are… many classes to attend soon after school, many expectations to fulfill, a lot of learning to do and just so many things (They miss out on their TV time, playing on the IPAD or the phone…)

So stress is blocked somewhere …and I make sure my kuttys have a hearty laugh in class….Besides being an interactive session I make sure I ask each child to share some joke or some incident that would get the class in good humor….and trust me everything that a child says is with complete innocence and can surely make everyone smile if not laugh…..So thats important in my class —-The happy moments that they carry along with them when they get back home…..

LAUGHTER is indeed the best medicine…….but I realise a SMILE too can change a lot of things in our life:)

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