Discipline lessons through shlokas.

I interact with many parents before or after classes and parents are so worried and concerned with the behavior of kids….I have to be true here….All the kids in my classes are completely manageable and very very well behaved….So I personally feel I don’t need to work on their behavior skills….but need to work a lot on their restlessness…kids as young as 3 and as old as 13….so you know restlessness sets in soon…

Discipline lessons are more for kids with rowdy kind of behavior or anger coming to them too easily (At this point in time there are none of these kinds of kuttys in my class), but having said that discipline lessons through shlokas/meditation or just an OM chanting helps the kids get rid of restlessness, focus more in the class they are in, concentrate on studies and will keep them from the usual lows that hit our lives!

So what do I do in my discipline lessons:—-

1). OM chanting for 10 minutes

2). Bhajan singing for 10 minutes

3). Reading a small paragraph from the Bhagavad Gita–It is after all about how one should lead their life…so why not       start it young or it could be stories from the Bhagavatam and

4). Close the class with 5 minutes of meditation!

This is going to be a part of every class this year.

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