A School at its nascent stages….

I’ve been an ardent devotee of the Lord for more than a decade now…To be precise a little more than 16 years…I hate to mention what got me closer to God…..but constant praying has just got me closer to him!

It was the Navratri vacation for the kids of my apartment and one evening while I was going for my walk and talking to my friends about some shlokas…one of them came up with an idea of why not start shloka classes for kids……I was hesitant in the beginning…but thought it wouldn’t harm to impart the little knowledge I’ve acquired all these years of mantra chanting and shloka learning. That’s when I started getting materials ready for a Learners Program…That was a challenge in every form considering the age group of kids being 5-16 years…..But I still managed 🙂

Boy! I just mentioned to the kids that I’d be doing a fun shloka class with them for about 10 days…..and the little kuttys were sure excited…..So that was the beginning to my shloka idea…

An area left untapped…..Yeah, that’s where my idea of a SHLOKA SCHOOL springs from!

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