More than just a NIKON moment…

Prakash and Soumya are great friends from my earlier place of work and today I feel really happy to be imparting the little knowledge I have on the shloka front with their daughter – Little Prajnaa!

Another one-on-one class I do with this mother baby duo…But this time I decided to put up a picture of the family as the father is so involved in the learning of the child too…..As little as 8, she is a great learner, SANSKRIT being a new language to her…she does’nt fuss one bit but shows lot of interest to learn….and amazing concentration….Going forward I’m sure she’s going to grasp things really fast….Scared if I will be able to keep up with her pace…Great Going Prajnaa!

It was lovely to meet the family after 10 long years..See what SHLOKAS can do!

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