1).Work Hard not because it JUST gives you MONEY but its keep you SANE and gives a broader perspective to life -The way you look at life, the people you meet (don’t Judge because thats the easiest anyone can do…)

2).RESPECT what people do for a living for all of us are here to put food on our table.The easiest we all can do is LAUGH for all of us don’t have the same Profession/Education/Monetary background but WORK and RESPECT for One’s Profession/Job should never change

3).Its OK – Perfectly OK not to like someone …. but DO NOT Join a Group to condemn that person for you are ruining that person’s reputation and remember tables turn.

4).Kindness is a VIRTUE….We all sure can practise to be KIND….thats the least we all can do:)

5).Choose Wisely – If someone sticks by your side through your worst times…they are the only ones who deserve to be with you during your best

6). GRATITUDE to God/Family for every little thing/every person we have in our lives today…

These are #MYLESSONS…what are yours?

Here’s to a fantastic 2022…Happy New Year!!!!

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