Slowly tapping the area left untapped..

Once I am done with Sunday’s open house at a1000 Yoga(Timings allotted and Sundays Fixed—so that makes me a part of a1000 yoga family soon —HAPPY ME), my focus will slowly shift to GURUKULAM – My Shloka School!

I have been working on how to go about this and how early I will get this rolled out…Though this is going to be held at the Outskirts of Bangalore (Thanks Appa for space)…I am expecting a good response from residents in and around the area (All details coming up soon….So keep all eyes here)…

My idea of a Shloka School is not just teaching Shlokas/Mantras or even chanting for that matter…It is going to be a place to learn, a place to meditate, a place which deals with healing through mantras, bhajan learning, scripture reading, and many many many more things!

As far as the decor of the place is concerned…..I seriously have not thought of it too much (Planning to hand that out to my Architect Sister — staying 10000 miles away and having a 6-year-old daughter is sure going to be hard for her too )

At this point I am just focusing on my material and the way I plan to conduct sessions all by myself….Trust me its a challenge (Till this point in my life I have always done things with the support and help of family …..I have that support even now but this is an area that wouldn’t click off at its initial stages) and hence I call it an AREA LEFT UNTAPPED!

Watch out this space for more guys…..I am hoping it will take off well with all your support and best wishes!

Before all that SUNDAY is a BIG DAY for me!

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