5 Reasons why I enjoy being a teacher

The joy that I derive from teaching is inexplicable….

Firstly I would say I found my TRUE CALLING:

When I say true calling I mean it took me 15 long years to realise that TEACHING is what will make me MOST Happy…..I never enjoyed doing any job I did till last year and I can’t thank God more for making GURUKULAM possible…

Secondly-I TRULY CARE for all my little ones -Warmth and love come very naturally to me and when you give love thats exactly what you get in plenty.

Thirdly -I feel when we are teaching children, we learn a lot from them…Therefore learning never ends but its a life long process by itself.

Fourthly -I personally believe that doing some ordinary job differently can make a huge difference in the lives of many kids…i.e I think it just takes one person to make a difference -Yeah GURUKULAM-The Shloka School is the first of its kind in Bangalore is what I hear.

and lastly I feel TEACHING kids is TOTAL FUN because its little innocent kids:)

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