Words of Encouragement…

Gurukulam is one of its kind online sloka classes and am very happy that my son is part of it…..I hope this little beginning will turn out to be an exciting learning experience to my son….way to go Divya wishing you the very best

                                                                                                                                     ~Mrs. Shambhavi


My Experience with Gurukulam has been fantastic so far and I think the success of most kids enrolled here is mainly because of Divya’s commitment. My daughter being completely new to Sholkas has picked this up so well and looks forward to each of her classes with the same enthusiasm. Thanks a ton Divya and wishing you the very best for this venture!!

                                                                                                                                           ~Mrs. Shreya


Divya works wonderfully with the kids and this one of a kind school has been able to instill in my son the kind of knowledge that I could never impart by myself at home. It’s so blissful to see my son chanting shlokas and all thanks to Divya for this greatventure and her efforts…


Truly Amazing ! Divya is just fantastic with the kids 🙏What cannot be taught at any school . Truly pleased and ever grateful to Divya ! Way to go Gurukulam ! It’s surely gonna go Global cos it’s one of a kind .

Mrs. Pooja

Good work Divyaa! Would like to experience the Gurukulam sometime ~ Dr Rao

This is what a few parents have to say about having their kids enrolled at GURUKULAM. This sure helps me grow to be a better individual and contribute better to the society at large….

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