When I look back…

We are a little more than 2 years old now – I am amazed, I am thankful and I am grateful for all blessings that have come by in making GURUKULAM what it is today.When I started in 2014 with just 6 kids I didn’t close to imagine that in 2 years I would teach close to 50 kids. That’s how amazing the journey has been.

Kids as little as 3 years are such experts in the shlokas being taught to them. They chant like experts and many a times I am made to think if we elders can actually do this kind of justice which our future generation does and I am very often told that parents do so much learning along with their kids. That makes me very very happy because along with teaching children, parents too feel the necessity for prayer time as a part of their daily routine. So starting young sure has its advantages.A good learner’s manual with sufficient information for kids is what makes GURUKULAM the only mobile shloka school of its kind in Bangalore.

I would be wrong if I do not talk about the exemplary progress my God’s special kids have done during this 2 year journey. Improvement in Speech, Attentiveness, less violence is what their parents seem to observe during this phase. Isn’t that fantastic….I think it is!!!!

To sum these 2 years up…..SUCCESS for me is not MONEY…NOT FAME either but able to give back to society in equal or more measure for everything God’s given me and that is able to help children to gain shloka knowledge and use it in their daily lives and be good human beings.That is SUCCESS for me….

Going forward I plan to keep it simple and just reach out to as many kids as possible…And yeah I don’t miss having left my job because being with kids is the highest joy God can bless you with!

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