What is a One-On-One class?

Driving in and around Bangalore city can be crazy considering the choco-bloc traffic….But I still provide one-on-one classes for kids considering most of the little ones are girl children and safety of these kids stand top class priority….atleast considering all that’s happening around us in the recent past…

My one-on-one class could just be with the kid (above 5 years) or could be for a mom-baby duo who is less than 5 years old:) In a mom-baby duo class, the mother does more learning and the kid is the part of the class as well….because here the idea is to load the little one’s mind with all we can because most of their learning (which can be hearing, listening, seeing and repeating) happens during this phase!

I totally love my one-on-one classes and think its a great idea to have the mom involved with the baby in the class!

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