We are a year old…Ist Anniversary it is!

And its one year since I started GURUKULAM….A big day indeed..We have come a long longggg way….started with as lil as 6 kids and today to be boasting of close to 50 kids is indeed a milestone….The journey has been hard cause tapping an area untapped was’nt close to easy…..A lot of people tell me “Divyaa your work speaks for itself” and I have had my share of spats with mamma’s tooo….comeon its not just positive feedback but people have their right to opinion and negative feedback is only a way to work harder and show better results….

Hear my children say their SANSKRIT SHLOKAS and you sure will be taken a back……I kid nobody-SANSKRIT being a new language for the 5 year olds…..Going forward we plan to expand and reach out to a zillion kids…Thanks parents and kids for being a part of my SCHOOL….We got a lot more recognition because BABY CHAKRA, WELLNESS CHAKRA and HOOHA made a feature about us…..that sure was motivating….thanks family for allowing me to do what I want and be as crazy as I have always been…..

YAY we are a year old now…Ist anniversary it is (20th Oct 2015)

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