Want an honest feedback…..Ask Kids??

I almost complete 2 months of class with my first batch of kids coming Wednesday…The kids have learnt a lot I would say…or maybe I forced in a lot of shlokas/mantras into them….but I am glad, they seem so so ready to perform in front of many many people….(Maybe they are wondering its like their Dance or Music class…I mean as far as performance is concerned)

Today after the class I asked the kuttys for honest feedback and all of them were like….””Aunty, we just love you and want to come back practically every Friday””…and there is this youngest kid in the class who said “”Aunty…I get upset when you get angry with me….””

Yeah -NEGATIVE FEEDBACK is what I look for so that I can work on that area….

So starting today I have decided to be kind and never get angry with kids (HIGH HOPES)…But I am going to seriously try!

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