GRATITUDE is a very very powerful word for me today..its transformed the way I look at life.

The more grateful we are for every little thing in our lives the joy we feel is immeasureable. Being GRATEFUL has helped me stop cribbing about every thing thats gone wrong in my life and made me feel that its OK for things to go wrong as long as we’ve learnt our lessons from the very turbulent times.

Life has been a mistake on many many fronts – be it education, career or marriage (WONDERING WHY EVERYTHING REALLY GOES WRONG IN ONE’S LIFE…When Life is a mistake it seems like a tragedy) but I’m glad I’ve picked myself up with the help of God, my family, my Dr, Vic-My Spiritual Guru and very dear friends.

Thanks to all my mistakes, today as far as my career is concerned …I’ve transformed my passion into my profession. How many of us get to do that when we are in our 30’s..Whats even better is I’ve been successful in what I’ve been doing..GRATITUDE to GOD and my family for giving me the very idea of starting GURUKULAM. Its changed my life completely. My little kids are truly magical….they have got me out of hopelessness, helplessness, sadness, misery, self pity and everything thats negative and make me feel there is so much meaning to life…..I am grateful to every child who is a part of GURUKULAM. They have something new to teach me every single day.The very word GRATITIDE has made me look at every aspect of life differently today..

Now looking back at marriage….I feel DIVORCE was the best thing that happened for reasons best known to my close circle.Today I don’t think I want to remarry because I’m happy single though lonliness kills at times but can never imagine making that huge blunder of marriage again ..Its just not meant for me I think (5 years down the line I do not know what future holds for me).Today I feel super independent, grateful to God that my parents held me tight when I fell so badly and today in their old age I get to be with them, take care of them and do my little to see them happy.

GRATITUDE has changed me for the better, made me a better person, has made me see the positivity in every dark situation.

GRATEFUL today and always!!!!!!!!!!!

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