The five fingers ain’t the same…

While working with kids. I realize that each one’s capability to grasp varies…NO DOUBT!

I teach all of them the same shloka 10 times or even more in a class….but at the end of the class, I realize that some children no matter what can’t grasp…..That ain’t a complain but I am just saying I need to work on them more:) and there are the others who just learn on the first go…So we have all kinds of kids!

I also feel I need to do anger management lessons for myself….sometimes working on yourself is more important while dealing with little kids…Anger, Shouting ain’t something they can take…(One child today said I don’t want to attend class cause aunty is strict with me and heard he’s been crying from early this morning – Trust me I didn’t feel good about it though my idea is to make each one an expert…Children sure can’t understand that and they don’t need to )

Every class with kids is sure a learning experience..knowing kids and their naughtiness, I sometimes feel I need to handle them with more care and tenderness..and sure need to control tempers!

Parents want their kids to be like the others(the fast learners) but what they sure fail to understand is besides chanting shlokas in the class, parents too need to work on them…That is what is more important…

EVERY KID IS SMART IN HIS/HER WAY and we as parents should give them that much time and encouragement to learn…LEARNING should be made a fun activity!

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