The “ONE FORCE” I swear by no matter what is “LORD NARASIMHAR” and “LORD KRSNA” in good times, not so good times and bad times…..AT ALL TIMES:) I think of them every single minute…every single day of my life:) Thats how grateful I am to them…

A lot of things in my life have turned around for the better as I started to believe in the power of the MantraRajaPada Stotram and The Hare Krishna Mahamantra.

The last few months have been very very hard on each one of us for reasons just known to God and during these times I could think of nothing but doing one round of the Mantra Raja Pada Stotram for 48 days and I am glad I was able to successfully comeplete the same.This Shloka I did was purely to help the world fight this crazy pandemic – Covid Cases aplenty, death toll on the rise, mental health at its worst and just everything negative around us.

I know for a fact things have’nt changed much but I am glad and thankful to the Almighty that things have started looking better around us and across the world. A lot of us have been holding on very tighty to God during these times as we are in this together and will come out of it successfully.

The MantraRajaPada Stotram has the power to heal the negativity around us and the thoughts that take control over our lives.I am glad I got a chance to take this Mantra Challenge during these very trying times and I am sure we will see light at the end of the tunnel soooooon, really sooooooon.




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