Mrs Iswaryaa Nirmal, Mumbai

The best class I feel I have enrolled my kid in is certainly Gurukulam. Divya mam is an exceptional Shloka teacher.
This not only makes the child learn the shlokas but enhances the child’s curiosity to understand in detail about the God. Divya mam’s curriculum has a wide range of Shlokas covering all Gods and the best part is she gives a heads-up about that God. My son now observes every single detail when he looks at a God’s picture & correlates it with the Shlokas he chants. 
She breaks down the complex Shlokas into understandable parts making it easier for small kids to grasp.
Reciting shlokas has made my son more composed and he does not react to any situation now rather he responds in the calm manner. Also my son enjoys the class so much that he practises the Shokas learnt in class throught the week and makes it a practice to recite it everyday!
This is a great way to have our tradition preserved and I wish Divya mam all success in this wonderful profession🙂