So from where did this IDEA evolve???

Divyaa…so what made you leave your job…is what I’m asked?

Quite frankly…..I never liked what I did all along…..I kept changing jobs ..stayed at home not going for jobs just because I did’nt like working….did justice to none, never knew what I loved doing…a confused state of mind all the time….never did things that kept me happy…was in search of happiness all the time…felt totally lost…BUT the only thing I loved doing was learning NEW SHLOKAS from the Internet or from various books…just to get out of my anxious situation….blame it on ANXIETY, but never knew that at some point in time in life I would use the little knowledge I gained all along would be shared with little kids today and for the rest of my life…..

I have made it MY PASSION…and yeah you may call it MY PROFESSION….No doubt I learnt shlokas to help MY SITUATION…but today I try and help kids who seem restless to be at ease just by chanting…..Is’nt this wonderful???

So there is actually no IDEA which actually evolved….its more  A SITUATION from where My Shloka School -GURUKULAM evolves!

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