I used to be often asked by friends and relatives as to why I don’t turn up for functions or party’s …(Div’s your not the happy go lucky person you used to be…the old charm is all gone I used to be told) and my answer was… simply for the fact that I do not have answers to the zillion questions I am asked (When do you plan to remarry, what are furure plans,must be so hard staying single… right?? )

That was the thing of the past …not anymore.Today I dress up and make sure I turn up just everywhere…b’day party, pool party, weddings or even gruhapraveshams….Thats awesome right?? Trust me its taken me 15 years to get here…ufffffffff how much of time lost, wasted in thinking, crying and cribbing about all the past blunders….

I have a lot of friends who are going thru a similar stage today…thats why I am putting up this post. Guys trust me today after all the years lost I realise that its ok for PEOPLE to QUESTION, its ok for PEOPLE TO BE INQUISITIVE….everything is just ok, but the ONE THING NOT OK is staying by yourself and sufferring…Just meet people….go out for gatherings.

At the end of the day you will realise you have so many people around you who really care…who are concerned despite all their crazy questions…

That phase is very very hard….but I think there are so many ways to dealing with it (I just sat and cried and cribbed).

The one thing gone is my valuable time and the precious years…..

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