Maybe……Shlokas for the VISUALLY IMPAIRED?

While I’m trying to make GURUKULAM reach out to as many people as possible…I see a mail this afternoon requesting me to take shloka classes for kids at a school specially for the Visually Impaired starting June….(June to July I’m on a vacation guys….)

I was really happy to see the mail and have decided to go ahead and do shloka classes for these kids absolutely free(I have’nt given my consent to this school yet…but its there at the back of my little head) thats the best way I would contribute to my special kids….I call them SPECIAL cause they are GOD’s Special kids too:)

I’m glad GURUKULAM has earned its name in a small-nice way!

I have a longgggggggggggggggggggggg journey ahead and my kids are my source of joy!

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