Picture of just #MyHappySelf from 2005…

While having my cup of coffee with my dad this morning I told him “Paaaa 16 years ago on this day life turned to be such a disaster, everything came crashing down and I only wish this day didn’t exist at alll…..Everything changed so much post 2005, the happy go lucky daughter of yours changed for good post that year….and nothing truly has looked up after that even after 16 years – The only constant has been a lot of tears, bad health conditions and so much of torture/crazy responsibility to you alllll” ….

Lesson: No one ever died of a divorce , but trust me had my parents not got me out of my bad marriage…I would have been dead and gone….True Words!!

Ofcourse somewhere deep down there is GRIEF that life shouldn’t have been this way but I am GRATEFUL for an amazing family!

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