Grateful for this beautiful place called “My Home” …

Hard times taught me that you have to believe that there will be light at the end of the tunnel….Its very hard to believe so when you are stuck in the midst of challenges – the very very troubled times but if you have a family that takes care of you like “everything is going to be ok soon and you will rise”…

Trust me this is where I have gotten in life and I really have come head on facing all my challenges and I continue to do so….

8 years ago I was such a miserable failure. I thought I had seen the end of life post a nasty marital life and I really thought that was the end of the world.

I started from scratch…(I was taken care of very well emotionally, financially and I have to give it to appa-amma, my sister, bil and niece for holding onto me like I will rise soon enough). I must say I worked very very hard to get here and its no joke when I tell you guys about how happy and proud I feel today…


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