Hang in there….A few words have a huge impact on kids!

I learnt a few things from my little children at GURUKULAM….and realised its more important to use a few words that build in their confidence..

Read further–this is exactly what I think and use in most of my classes

1).Good Job: Everyone loves APPRECIATION and looks forward to hearing some nice things about themselves…So why is it so difficult to tell a kid you have you have done a super job (For kids who don’t put in that extra effort…its just ok to tell them…I’m sure you’ll be a hit with your learning in the next class). That way every child is appreciated and made to feel EQUAL in a class!

2).Happy -Thats something I ask all my kids :I make sure each and every child of my class goes back home feeling awesome and happy and feels the need to come back to the following class, its very important for me as person to make sure all my kids are happy during and after the class and have enjoyed the class thoroughly besides learning.

Having said that LEARNING is NO COMPROMISE – every child at GURUKULAM has to learn!

3). I call my little ones TREASURES: Frankly I think every child in my class is a TREASURE and matter a lot to me…..Its not just class but I believe in being their lovely auntie even outside class….

eg: If my kids miss a class I call the parent and find out what happened?

      If a child is sick I make sure we keep the child in prayers in my class…..

These little children have helped me grow in life and they light up my life as well…So aren’t they TRUE TREASURES???

4).See them off: I make sure I see off each and every child of my class…..That hug, kiss and bye-bye are truly important for me and the child…

These are some of the small joys I derive while being with kids….

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