Expecting the Unexpected..

I’m asked often…..”Divyaa are you on your way to attain sainthood”…..:??
I just reply with a smile saying….” If praying to God, if being connected to God closely and doing small random acts of kindness in temples is a way to attain sainthood…SO BE IT! I don’t care what people think…..Cause at the end of it all I believe in staying happy and at peace!

Reaching out to people with an idea like a Shloka School ain’t easy at all… With zero ATL (Above the line advertising)activities, how would people get to know of my Shloka School…..Thanks to FACEBOOK – connecting with a larger crowd gets easy and thanks to Companies like a 1000 yoga, Atta-Galatta and Aayana Yoga Academy which I’m a part of for allowing me to conduct classes…They are helping me to grow…Not just them……Classes at different apartments help me grow too….Here it is dealing with children and working with them to improve concentration, focus on studies, confidence and live without fear through PRAYERS!

It’s not about the location of the School or the investment it’s about the awareness one creates about the importance and significance of chanting shlokas or mantras…Starting a Shloka School was the last thing I thought of……But life is all about “EXPECTING the UNEXPECTED”

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