Chase your passion!

Spending hours together in the pooja room, doing stuff related to God….buying stuff for my Perumal room be it books and the related, thinking what shloka to learn has been my only objective in the last very many years….15 years is what I am thinking! Maybe if I was a lot more focused I would have got a PHD in RELIGION (Some things strike you too late……But trust me it’s still there at the back of my head)……….

Phew—- It’s taken me 15  long years to figure out what I love doing the most….and here I am teaching Shlokas/Mantras…discipline lessons to kids…all this summing up to my very dear project -MY SHLOKA SCHOOL!

Having tried and tested many things and nothing satisfying me one bit…..An out of the blue SHLOKA session is what it took to realize where my true interest lies….My friends ask me jokingly….So Div’s you want to be a SHLOKA TEACHER haan?? I say: Why not a SHLOKA TEACHER…..when we can have a Math teacher, a Hindi Teacher, A karate Teacher, A piano Teacher…..

So here I am a Shloka Teacher! Very proud imparting things related to God at least for the THEIST I am…!

So just do what you love doing the most….Don’t care about what the WORLD would say…..If you are a SUCCESS people would say WOW and if you are a FAILURE people would just make fun, talk behind your back for some time and then you will be all forgotten….

In the end…you and only you will be the way to happy and satisfied having done what you loved doing the most- So Chase your passion!

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