Answers ain’t easy many a times…..

Many a times I just remain speechless to the questions raised by a few mothers….I totally understand their anxiety, but do not have answers to questions like…..How many shlokas do you teach in a class -Are they shlokas from the Gita ?In my family all the kids know these shlokas, so I would love my child to know it as well…

I know the anxiety parents go through while enrolling a child in any class…they sure want their child to learn and be the best and also get their money’s worth….

Here is what I feel and have to add:

Every child is different and their learning abilities sure when we are in a group class, its very important for me personally to see each and every child learns…..So it really does’nt matter as to how many shlokas they have learnt in each class…but what is important is ” HOW WELL THEY HAVE LEARNT” what’s being taught…..So I seriously do not have an answer if a kid will learn 2 or 4 shlokas in each class

To answer if I teach Shlokas from the GITA – The answer is a simple NO since GURUKULAM has a learning manual and every child in Bangalore or across the world (SKYPE lessons) learn what is printed in the material….We follow UNIFORMITY

So just trying to send across a message that kids are super intellegent —atleast the kids at GURUKULAM are , but SANSKRIT is a new language and we need to give our little ones that much time to start hearing the words over and over again till they are comfortable since we are exposing them to SANSKRIT very very young:)

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