A very very heavy heart…

Wonder why I expect all my kids to be EXPERTS or PERFECTIONISTS…..In my class, each kid has to be only THE BEST…..That’s impossible right?????

I realize that post the class when I see a kid cry for close to 15 minutes towards the end of the class….

REASON: She cried cause I am strict when it comes to learning….Maybe crying is an easy way out for the kids…..I have been dealing with kids in the last 2 months or so…..and I feel miserable when they cry…and today the little girl cried to an extent where her eyes got bloodshot red…..

Trust me I had a very heavy heart when I left the place….after all here, I am dealing with little ones as young as 5 and 7 years ……Shloka classes should be fun and enjoyable and not a place where kids are scared to come back…..

While I was talking to parents on WhatsApp they told me I was just getting too worked up on small things and its NORMAL for kids to cry….

A very Important lesson learnt—–With kids, it should just be LOVE and more LOVE and no ANGER!

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