A Journey I cherish..

Gurukulam completes 45 months and I feel we have come a long long way with loads of learning experience as far as a mobile shloka school is concerned. I think kids have made my life a lot more beautiful considering the many downfalls in my life.They sure add light to my life. So much of learning from kids for me as an individual, very very co-operative and understanding parents (considering the cancellation of classes but having said that I make sure I do all my back up sessions). I’ve had some very successful moments, some nasty spats with moms but at the end of it all GURUKULAM has made the journey worth remembering…

                                                                My journey

What next for GURUKULAM is what I am asked often…..Truly I have no answers.Nothing was planned for GURUKULAM from day one and today when we are close to 4 years, I still don’t know what next…where next for GURUKULAM….

Its a journey that will continue for the rest of my life..HOPEFULLY!

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