I am often asked – Divyaa how do you manage THAT SMILE and THAT ENERGY at all times despite the crazy odds in your life ??????( For people who know me really well they know what I’ve been through on the personal-emotional front, health front and the crazy anxiety that nags me and people around me…I kid nobody when I say that!)…

So first things first…

~ Lonlinesskills, being alone makes one sad but at the end of the day no one else other than your ownself can figure out life and ONE MUST figure out their way to beat lonliness – for me its been work, work and lots of work and a lot of time spent with My Family.

~ Cribbing/Complainingall the time won’t help for if we crib we are inviting a lot of self pity and self pity further leads to sorrow not taking us any further in life pushing us further down and finally adds up to a whole lot of misery.

~ Life ain’t easy for anyone… SO STOP COMPARING.

Just FOCUS ON YOURSELF and YOUR WORK/FAMILY and EVERYTHING that brings JOY in your life. I say “YOUR LIFE” because no matter how much you compare, you are destined only for your share of GOOD/BAD that you’ve got along with yourself and you and only you need to deal with everything GOOD/BAD in your life

Just AIM at FIGURING OUT YOUR LIFE cause no one else can do that for you…

~ Pray and Pray More – Prayers have power to heal and can do magic with your healing process.

So the secret behind MY SMILE and MY ENERGY despite the destiny I’ve come down with is GOD – My Daily Prayers.

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