Wondering if we are a HIT already??

Having reached out to many many children from different parts of Bangalore sure makes me feel good…..Just goes to show GURUKULAM is growing:)

GROWING for me is not in terms of number or money…but kids learning and chanting daily as a part of their routine..ofcourse at this point in time I have close to 50 kids whom I am teaching ,…but are all the 50 kids learning and liking what they do is the question I want to put to mothers…..Do they come to class out of force or out of their own interest is something I’d like to know from parents….

A lot of mothers tell me that their kids have become less violent and less restless after attending the classes for a few months which is a good sign:)

So seeing a change among kids makes me feel GURUKULAM sure is a hit as we are helping in bringing in better qualities among children through shloka chanting….

Sounds nice is’nt it??

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