I run a Shloka School and not a charity centre. I work really hard teaching kids and spending a lot of time helping them read…memorize and explaining..So I deserve to be paid for my services…

When people tell me your classes are expensive and you cater to the higher section of society….How WRONG are they…JUST SO WRONG..

I teach the kids at the Govt.school (for free) the same thing I teach all my other children at GURUKULAM..The curriculum is the same…I teach them with the same passion, love and effort…Each and every child is very very special to me….There is just no differenciation at all….

Wonder why these allegations ….??

One thing… I am still at a stage in life where GURUKULAM is small and growing. I definitely need funds to keep it going and what about me….how do I keep myself going!

No free lunch anywhere guys!

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