What a wrap up to the day its been..39 years today(Feels old…but age is just a number)…Thanks so so much everyone for all the calls, mails, watsapp messages, voice recording (by my lil kids), facebook messages and every b’day wish thats come in every way….I have not been able to keep track of messages since morning (Oh boy! I feel like a super star)

I had an awesome day.Started off my day with b’day wishes from appa-amma followed by my niece singing the beautiful b’day song, wishes by my sis and bil…. Made my regular trip to Dakshin Tirupathi in Shoolagiri…. A good lunch with appa-amma (pampered with so many gifts and just everything I could ask for just came by)….Caught up on some good sleep….Met a very good friend (My big anna is what I call him)….Made some crime on the food front (though not allowed…but trust me 3 weeks of bland food can drive anyone nuts)…And now back home!

Beautiful day its been…Thanks everyone. Thanks God!

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