Mrs. Ritu Mittal

Gurukulam – The Shloka Learning Centre is one of the best Learning centres that one can enrol their children to at a young age. Its been around 10 classes as on date and I already see Avni doing so so well in learning Shlokas.
Divyaa is a Sholka Magician and a great facilitator. In her one on one classes, she makes sure that each child gets individual attention and can make the best of the class. She is so lively and since the Sholkas are in Sanskrit she makes sure she makes the child learn the correct pronunciation and diction. The best part it’s ONLINE, so the child learns this divine subject in the comforts of their home.
As a progressive generation, we tend to forget the richness that Indian culture can offer. With Divyaa realising this is making sure that the younger generation is forward-thinking yet understands the richness that we have back home.
The knowledge of Shlokas is a lifestyle. Divyaa, Thank You. We need humans like you who keep us connected to the roots with the knowledge that you give from Sholkas to all the lil ones. My child is BLESSED. Thank u again.