Kids do observe…

My Saturday class with the Prestige kids is way too much of fun….I love the way they keep giggling and telling me stories – but having said that …they sure don’t have a way out of not learning, I am a strict teacher is what I am told!

Last week…while I was making a few conservation with kids, one of them told me…””Divyaa Aunty does’nt look like we are in a shloka class today”” and pat came the query…””Why””…..because “”you are not in a salwar kameez “”……(I was in some leggings and some black top)

Speechless for a minute…. I immediately wasapped the mother and said….OMG, this is what your adorable kid told me in class today and the mother was like…””Divyaa, trust me I did’nt teach her””…LOL

I am amazed at what kids observe and love their imagination of how a SHLOKA TEACHER should look ( She should probably be in a saree or salwar kameez is what they think)

Kids today I tell you…..They are super super smart and absolutely adorable!

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