My little conversations with young minds..

I love my kids.I love my classes.They are not short of any kind of interesting conversations besides a lot of learning and exchange of information. The other day I had a class with my adorable Anoushka and naughty Aneesh and told them to make “THANK YOU” a part of their daily routine. I make sure I tell my kids to be GRATEFUL for each and everything provided to them on a daily basis.

 Besides being thankful or grateful, I also tell my kids that being compassionate, kind, warm, caring for the happiness of others and being selfless go a long way in making each of us fine human beings. God has been kind in providing us with the best of everything so sharing with people in need is another quality I ask my kids to develop – I believe SHARING is CARING!

Being APOLOGETIC for their mistakes is also important in shaping them to be responsible individuals.

In my little conversation with kids there is a huge learning happening for me too as a person.Kids have just so many things to teach us.LEARNING is a LIFELONG Process and that I learn from my kids..

GRATEFUL to God GURUKULAM happened….

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