Special kids are GOD’s Special Children!

A mother wrote to me saying..”Divyaa, I felt like I can breathe again —-I am glad you teach special kids”

Parents with special children are constantly making efforts to make their child better and excel in every possible way..trying out different things that can contribute to their growth…

What I fail to understand is why are these kids treated differently…treat them like other kids with all love and warmth….they are sure going to TRANSFORM 🙂 When I say TRANSFORM…..U need to see it to believe it:)

GURUKULAM sure caters to God’s special children…I think they are very very special when in my classes…I love them totally….They show a lot of interest and desire to learn..As far as I am concerned they are no different from the other kids and I prefer teaching them like how I teach other kids and mostly club them with classes with other kids..That way I personally feel we are helping kids with special needs live better lives:)

So parents…get in your kids, I sure will do my best to keep them going very well in life!

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